Writers' Residencies Wiki: Hambidge Artist Residency Program

Website: http://www.hambidge.org

Location: Rabun Gap, Georgia

Setting:. Set in the north Georgia mountains on 600 protected acres, Hambidge is somewhat isolated but if you love nature, this is your spot. Waterfalls, hiking trails, bears and bats galore, it is not for city kids who are afraid of scurrying sounds in the night.

Cost:.$200 per week which includes dinners four nights a week. There are some scholarships available, though very few, and hard to get.

Approximate Number of Residents:.9

Writers Only or Other Arts:.writers, visual artists, muscians and dancers all are welcome

Living Accommodations:.Rustic cabins that serve as living and working quarters. Some have fireplaces, some have porches, and all are charming. Mine was up a hill form the river with a porch to sit on and listen to the water.

Workspace Accommodations:. Desks, cork boards, and great lighting in the cabins.

Food:. Tuesday - Friday dinners, and they are fabulous. Most are vegetarian, and the chef does a terrific job. each cabin has a fridge, microwave, and stove to cook other meals. I would recommend against cooking bacon - one of the residents when I was there had a big brown bear come calling at the screen door when he sniffed out her Sunday breakfast.


What You Should Know Before You Go:. Cell phones don't work at all at Hambidge, so take a phone card to make calls from the landline in your cabin. the landline can call other cabins and can make emergency calls, but that's it without the card. You can also drive a few miles up the road to get cell service, but if you have to be tethered to the world via phone, this is not the place to be. If, on the other hand, you love the idea of eliminating distractions, it's perfect. You can only get internet in the main house, so it keeps you from wasting time checking email constantly.

What You Should Take With You:. First and most importantly, a flashlight. It's dark in those woods, and you will be walking at night to get back to your cabin after dinner. Also good walking shoes, a phone card, change for the washer and dryer, bug spray if you go in summer, warm jammies in the winter. Take a printer if at all possible, because office hrs are limited. And lots of books. There are no TVs, no internet in cabins, nothing to entertain you once you finish writing for the day. It's good to have a car there so you can go to the store, etc.

What You Should Know While You're There:. You will be eating dinner Tuesday through Friday with the other residents. If you won't be at dinner for some reason one of those nights, make sure to let the office know ahead of time - they make food for the number of residents expected. There is a grocery store in Rabun Gap, but it is pretty lame, so you'll probably want to go one town over for good produce, etc. There are occasional readings, but nothing expected, and they aren't too frequent, so you won't have that problem of seeming unsocial or giving up on your work every night.

Feedback From Those Who Have Been There:. I loved Hambidge. Loved my cottage, which was pretty far removed from the others, loved the food, loved the other residents, loved the woods and the river and the deep long sofa, which was the best in the world for working or napping. I particularly loved the isolation and disconnect from the rest of the world, but it might be difficult for some. This is defintiely not a social experience, though there were a few dinners out together and a few evenings of wine. Nothing like VCCA or some others, though.