Writers' Residencies Wiki: MacDowell Colony

Website: http://www.macdowellcolony.org/

Location: Peterborough, New Hampshire

Setting:.Bucolic and woodsy, fields and forests. Lots of nice places to ramble. Near a small town with a bar, a bookstore and grocery stores.


Approximate Number of Residents:.25-32

Writers Only or Other Arts:.a variety of disciplines including visual artists, architects, filmmakers

Living Accommodations:.Some studios are live-in, but most residents are housed in quaint bedrooms in old converted farmhouse-type buildings. You will likely be sharing a bathroom down the hall.

Workspace Accommodations:.A variety of cottages and studios, some converted, some purpose-built, some old, some new, all of which can be seen on the colony website. All studios have a large workspace and a bathroom. Some have screened porch and fireplace. The studio buildings are far enough from each other or separated by trees, so that you don't see or hear anyone else while you're working.

Food:.Outstanding, generous and varied.

Amenities:.Trust me, if it's not here, you don't need it. Some unusual requests were met with no problem--a different desk chair for one; specialized equipment for a visual artist who had traveled too far to bring it along, for another. Bicycles available for your use while in residence. Main building has a pool table and ping-pong.

What You Should Know Before You Go:.Wireless only works in the library. For many people this is a good thing.

What You Should Take With You:.Casual clothes appropriate for the weather and for taking long walks. Some studios are very far from the central building where residents eat and attend presentations, so comfortable shoes are a must, and if you don't like to walk or ride a bike (which is supplied), you might consider bringing your car.

What You Should Know While You're There:.Don't be intimidated. Everyone is there because they're talented, including you. And most of the people you meet will be super-nice. Except that one guy; stay away from him. There might be presentations of work; don't feel like you have to present your work if you don't want to, and don't feel like you have to attend a presentation if you'd rather work (or sleep), but full disclosure, I attended every such event and was very glad that I did. I saw some amazing work that I would not have been introduced to otherwise. Also note that ping-pong competition is taken more seriously than artistic competition.

Feedback From Those Who Have Been There:.