Writers' Residence Wiki: Ucross Foundation

Website: http://www.ucrossfoundation.org

Location: Sheridan, Wyoming


Cost: Free

Approximate Number of Residents: 9

Writers Only or Other Arts: Visual Artist, Writers, Composers

Living Accommodations: [dormitory, apartment, cabin, etc. and whether shared rooms, shared baths, etc.]

Workspace Accommodations: [whether separate studio spaces, description of workspaces]

Food: [how many meals provided per day, vegetarian options, special diets, or anything else noteworthy]

Amenities: [facilities on grounds or nearby, e.g. swimming pool, tennis court, movie theatre, cricket pitch, etc.]

What You Should Know Before You Go: [things you would not want to be a surprise for someone, e.g. clothing-optional dining, non-ADA compliant, mandatory readings, etc.]

What You Should Take With You: [other than the obvious clothing and toiletries, stuff like quarters and detergent for laundry, flashlight, DVDs for evening entertainment, etc.]

What You Should Know While You're There: [non-obvious things that someone might not figure out until the day before they leave, e.g. if you don't like your studio, you can ask to be moved]

Feedback From Those Who Have Been There: [totally subjective opinions, judgements, reviews. Please try not to slander anyone. If you had a bad experience, please try to think about what responsibility you took to make it better.]