Writers' Residencies and Colonies Wiki
If only I'd known, I'd have brought.... Fill in the blank with flashlight, coffee press, rain boots, grand piano. People that have been to the place you're going already know what you'll wish you've brought, or known about the geography, local flora and fauna, blue laws. Share your experiences here with those who come after you.

Anyone can add to or edit this information. Please put your information in the appropriate categories. The wiki pages are organized by facility.
PLEASE don't edit a page if you haven't been to the place. The point of this is to benefit from others' experiences. PLEASE avoid duplicating information on the facility's website. Anyone can access that. What we want here is the stuff that's NOT on the website. If you add a new page for a residency program, please use the template called space.template.location in the pulldown menu.

There is a Discussion tab at the top of each page where you can, you know, discuss the contents of that page or ask and answer questions.

If you're not sure what a residency is, start here.

See the menu bar in the right margin for a list of the pages. This has been seeded with blank pages for a few residencies. Please add pages for those you've been to that are missing.

Here's an essay from The Morning News with Alexander Chee's take on colonies and residencies.

And here's a podcast of a panel discussion on colonies and residencies.